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Basic Manufacturer's Warranty

All products sold carry a minimum one-year manufacturer's parts and repair/exchange warranty, unless otherwise specified in the product listing (consumables such as replacement cartridges are not warrantied because we have no control over the quality of your feed water supply). Our products are generally very reliable and do not normally require repair for years. 

Should service be needed, please contact us for the manufacturers nearest service depot in North America. *(Some products have longer warranties - please refer to individual product manuals). Some manufacturers or distributors may not have service centres in your locality, in which case you may choose to send the unit to us for inspection and/or repair. Shipping both ways is the customer's responsbility, unless the written product warranty states that one- or two-way shipping is provided. We will, at our sole discretion, decide to repair or replace the defective product, or provide a prorated refund based on the period of warranty of the product, provided the defective product is shipped back to us for inspection at the customer's own cost.

Some products may carry our additional dealer's warranty which covers the hardware only (excluding the consumable filter cartridges). Such warranty is specified in the product listings &/or price menus. Please also see the following section on "Dealer's Warranty" for details.

If a manufacturing defect is suspected, always email us first, and we will try to diagnose the problem for you and help you repair it over the internet.
(Damage to products during shipping MUST be reported to us within 3 business days of delivery). 

We will first troubleshoot with you over the phone or by email (including the use of digital photography) to determine the nature of the problem. Upon confirmation of a defect, free replacement parts can be sent to you by the most economical means of shipping prepaid by us. You may also be required to send the defective product or parts back to us. 

While we try our best to provide detailed product information on our web site, water conditions vary from place to place so we are NOT in a position to give any guarantee that our products will be able to adequately treat any specific water condition. 

Product warranties are given by the respective manufacturers - In no event will EcoPure Water Filters and Vio Systems be held liable for incidental or consequential damages (such as water leak damage) from a defective unit or improper installation. Any warranty issues not resolvable at the dealer level will be directed to the respective products' manufacturers or master distributors.

Generally speaking, water filters are very durable products, but all filters and their tubing more than five years old should be checked at periodic intervals for signs of cracks or deterioration.

Warranty On Exchanged Products

The warranty end date of any repaired or replaced product will be the same as the original product; Other details will also be the same as for the originally purchased products.

Dealer's Warranty

To increase the competitive edge of some of our products, we may offer our own dealer's warranty which automatically kicks in after the expiry of the original dealer's warranty. This warranty may be for a period of 3 to 12 months and even up to 10 years (varies with product type) and covers parts only (expendable filter cartridges excepted). Labour may be included for certain products. Shipping both ways, however, is the customer's responsibility (except where otherwise indicated in writing). We may also, at our sole discretion, decide to provide a prorated refund to customers in lieu of providing warranty service. Please keep your receipt which is required for warranty purposes.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

In addition to the manufacturer's warranty, some products qualify for our Lifetime Warranty Plan which is indicated in the specific product listings and the on-line invoice. The lifetime warranty is valid for original owners only. It is valid for as long as the customer makes regular purchases (replacement cartridges &/or UV bulbs &/or other products) from us with a combined worth of 20% of the current price of the product (minimum US$35/C$35) no less than once every two years. If the customer is unable to produce proof of these periodic purchases, our sales database will be used to determine the customer's eligibility for the warranty. We reserve the right to modify the conditions of the Limited Lifetime Warranty Plan at any time without prior notice.

The warranty covers replacement parts such as diverter valve, O-ring, dispenser faucet, automatic shut off valves, filter housings, transformers, etc. if these become worn or faulty. Expendable parts including but not limited to filter cartridges, filter media and UV lamps are NOT covered by the warranty

The customer will have to pay for the shipping charge for free replacements sent to them by us.

Shipping of Defective Products to EcoPure Water Shop for Repair or Exchange

Shipping of defective products under warranty is to be paid by the customer but we will pay for the shipping of any repaired/replaced products back to the customer (if an eligible problem is positively confirmed after inspection). Please keep all your receipts for validation of the warranty. 

Depending on the product type, customers will ship the product(s) to our store and associated stores in British Columbia and Ontario, Canada located in Burnaby, Vancouver, Richmond Hill, Barrie, and Port Perry or Point Roberts in Washington, United States according to instructions.

Product Warranty Registration

No registration is required because we automatically enter each purchase onto our computer database. For all warranty enquiries, simply let us know your name and the type of product you purchased.